June Berkey, Boca Raton, FL

Thank you for your faithfulness to preaching expository preaching of the Word. My husband has done this his entire 48 years in the ministry.  It is encouraging when you are in your later years of life to know that there is a younger generation picking up the mantel.  I listen to your teaching of the Word every Monday.  I got hooked up with the FCC church app and have been through Jude and Philemon with you. I pray a hedge of protection over you and your family as you teach the Word in Virginia.

Bruce Cobb

Deb and I are listening to your older sermons and just finished the beatitudes. Thank you brother for speaking the TRUTH in Christian love. I have learned more in the last 6 months than in the last 30 years…

Carol Brown

Thanks for another great Sunday.  It's been many years since I've heard expository preaching and it's quite refreshing.

Jay McGhee

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the opportunity to serve with the Envelope Ministry. It was wonderful being able to go out on a mission with the kids. FCC's approach allows anyone in the congregation to be blessed by the chance to take family and friends on a mission.  I look forward to the chance to do this again.

June Murphy

We discussed the questions over coffee this morning. Thanks for a great beginning of the book of James with another thought-provoking sermon last Sunday and the follow-up discussion points for this week.

Kelly Cecil

Our family discussed the questions over lunch after church on Sunday! Loved the "extended lesson!"

Dana Brindle

Thank you so much for the discussion questions from James.  We had a really great family time discussing them last night.

Paige, Kersey Creek Elementary

I cannot tell you enough how consistently overwhelmed I become with the generosity of your church!  We received the composition books, and I will tell you, on behalf of the staff, we are so appreciative!  What is truly the best gift is that the children benefit!

Sheila Morey

"I love this church!"

Janie (age 7)

During dinner conversation: Gigi (grandma): What time does your church start? Janie: Are you coming to church with us tomorrow, Gigi? Gigi: Yes, I am. Janie: You're going to LOVE IT!!!!! (dramatic pause....) They have snacks in the VERY BEGINNING!!!!!

Sharon Riley

I just listened to the sermon online and was blessed! Never before have I ever been bothered about missing church until now. FCC is an amazing community!

Judy Weis

What a wonderful Sunday morning we had! The message spoken straight from God's Word was so powerful - it truly touched my heart. I thank God everyday for the blessings I am seeing at FCC. I look forward to seeing what God has in store for our church and how He is leading me to serve.

The Burns Family

It is so exciting to look forward to going to Church once again.  Hearing God's Word straight from the Bible, and having the experience of meeting new people, and knowing that we are all included in being apart of God's family.

Rudy Burgess

My soul is lifted by hearing the Word of God spoken during your church services, and seeing the Holy Spirit working in the lives of the families hungry for the Truth!

June Burgess

"Many more blessings and miracles are coming your way! God always provides to those that are faithful to his Word!"

Lisa Owen

"Thank you Pastor Tony for today - Eric and I feel truly blessed and excited to watch the miracles that have happened and will continue to happen!!!"